Dogtown Dance Theatre is committed to providing a safe space for all of our dancers, artists, patrons, and staff. To encourage our community to take the next steps in ensuring we are doing all we can to combat the ongoing crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic, Dogtown is excited to announce a new discount program for the artists that rent studio space with us! 

What the incentive program is: If your group hosts three consecutive classes or rehearsals where 100% of participants are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will get you 10% off of your monthly rental cost.

How it works:

Participants will show proof of vaccination to the staff at the front desk during check in. Dogtown staff will add the note of vaccination to the customers account in VAGARO.

When it ends: March 31, 2022

We hope you will join us in communicating the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine to all of your dancers and work with us to make Dogtown one of the safest spaces for dancers in our community!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Dogtown Dance Theatre staff. Let's roll up our sleeves and battle COVID-19 together! 

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In accordance with the newly announced CDC guidelines and updated COVID-19 restrictions lessening in the state of Virginia, Dogtown Dance Theatre is updating our safety policies. We are excited that it seems that the state and country have turned the corner in regards to the health concerns that COVID-19 challenged us with during the last year.  Dogtown’s staff and leadership is still committed to doing everything we can to keep our dancers, patrons and supporters safe. Please use this page as a resource for all things safety and regarding the updated policies in place at Dogtown.





  • In accordance with CDC and Virginia Health Department, Dogtown will NOT REQUIRE masks for vaccinated persons. 


  • For classes/rehearsals there will be a waiver to complete in VAGARO that says we are following CDC guidelines and that participants understand the risk of not wearing a mask.


  • Dogtown will NOT REQUIRE proof/documentation of the vaccine. However, if the waiver in VAGARO is not complete, the participant will still need to wear a mask. 


  • For shows- Dogtown is honoring the same policy, with a waiver in the ticket buying system.

  • Non-vaccinated persons must continue to wear masks. 


  • Children that do not have the vaccine must continue to wear masks (in line with guidance from CDC).


  • Patrons that would like to continue to wear masks are encouraged to do so!

  • All dancers and instructors are required to check-in before

      going into a studio.

  • Dogtown staff will check for valid student/dancer registration in Vagaro before admittance to studios.


  • All dancers must have a current VACCINATION/MASK waiver signed in their VAGARO profile if they wish to not wear a mask. 

  • In accordance with updated guidance,  partner work, floor work, and across the floor work are now allowed.  


  • Dancers are still encouraged to bring their own bottle of water with their name on it, but community water fountains are open again. 

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  • ALL DANCERS must register with Dogtown through Vagaro.


  • Dogtown will NOW ALLOW walk-ins, but your profile will be created for you, and you will need to complete all waivers and payment ONLINE before you can begin your studio time.

  • Your classes/rehearsals will be searchable on our Vagaro site by STUDIO. 

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Email: to request studio space. 

  • Dogtown will NOT REQUIRE the 30 minute break after an hour class/rehearsal for cleaning any longer.

  • 48 hour cancellation policy still in place.

  • Rentals prices: Classes = $35 & Rehearsals = $25

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  • In accordance with the updated capacity and social distancing requirements that came out May 28 in the state of VA, Dogtown plans to adjust capacity as the following:

  • Studio 1: from 6 to 12

  • Studio 2: from 12 to 24

  • Studio 3: from 6 to 12

  • Main Theatre (for classes): from 22 to 45


  • Main Theatre (for shows): From 40 to 100, still floor seating to appropriately space out.


  • Dogtown is opening up the public spaces (ie. lounge and dressing room), as well as the elevator for patron use again.

  • Online is not going away! Even though Dogtown is increasing our in-person capacity, Zoom is STILL available to increase class size and participation.

  • Each studio will be equipped with a professional Zoom account
    Zoom integration with Vagaro for streamlined registration and delivery.


  • Onsite staff will be available to help you set up Zoom once you arrive
    Public performances are available on Dogtown STREAM: or on iOS or Roku.

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