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Please note: NO rentals after August 30, 2022. Thank you! 

Dogtown Dance Theatre functions as a community outreach facility that provides performance and rental space for artists that utilize various modes of art and enables artists the opportunity to connect their work with the community. Dogtown Dance Theatre serves as an area of collaboration for different forms of art that all function to engage the audience through education and entertainment.


For this reason, Dogtown Dance Theatre offers an artistic rental rate as well as a commercial rental rate. For more information on the difference between the artistic rental rate and commercial rental rate, please contact us.


Please Note: Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times on Dogtown property. 


Theatre Description

The main level studio of Dogtown Dance Theatre doubles as a theater and is available for performances and/or rehearsals. The space offers:

  • Theater lighting

  • 100 chairs available (150 seats permissible)

  • 205 maximum capacity 

  • 56’x54’ white box


Rental Package includes:

  • Technical rehearsal in the performance space (specific hours depends upon package)

  • Use of lighting 

  • House manager, box office and promotional assistance


Studio Descriptions

Dogtown Dance Theatre’s three studios are attractive, light spaces ideal for company rehearsals, choreography sessions and dance classes of all kinds. Each studio floor has floating hardwood. The rooms are equipped with dance barres on least one wall, or portable barres, and full-length mirrors on walls, and sound systems.  A handicapped-accessible restroom is located on the 1st floor of the facility. 


  •  Studio 1 (First Floor) -  25'x27' of unobstructed space

  • Studio 2 (First Floor) - 42.5’x27′ of unobstructed space

  • ·Studio 3 (Third Floor) - 25’x31′ of unobstructed space


Rental Agreement Procedures

Please contact us at​ to confirm availability. Once you have confirmed availability for the date(s) and time(s) you prefer, we will work with you to complete your agreement, and pay the appropriate security deposit (if applicable). Your reservation is not guaranteed until your agreement and studio agreement paperwork have been accepted. 

All Dogtown Dance Theatre rental inquiries for the mainstage theatre are arranged through Kassandra Rosas, our Operators Manager. If you are interested in a mainstage theatre rental, please contact Kassandra at 

Please note: NO rentals after August 30, 2022. Thank you! 

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