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Looking to 2021

Hello Dogtown community! With all of the rush of the holidays, the blog took a few weeks off from sharing thoughts, ideas, and dance with you all. I am happy to announce we are back with the new year and ready to jump into 2021 with as much light and gratitude as possible. While 2020 was incredibly challenging for us all between COVID-19, system racism, a historic election, and humanitarian struggles, it has opened up space for lots and lots of needed change. As we move into 2021, I invite us all to be curious about the ways we can move forward with appreciation for the people, structures, and things that bring us safety and happiness, and that we find ways to continue to connect and hold each other through the times we are in.

One thing I, like many others, have cultivated in 2020 is a practice of gratitude. While hyper-focusing on the positive can sometimes lead to ignored pain, creating space for uninterrupted peace is important in times like ours. As we look to the new year, I hope that everyone is able to find moments of joy and appreciation. Here are a few things going on in the dance community that I am looking forward to this year, which are certainly going to be sources of happiness for me going forward:

-slowdanger announced their 2021 season, which includes virtual improvisation workshops, films, and gallery showings.

-Dance Magazine's 25 To Watch list was announced, showcasing some of the best up and coming artists, community organizers, and leaders in the field.

-freeskewl continues to provide free and sliding scale virtual programming from a wide variety of artists, giving us all the opportunity to dance and learn from home as we continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

-Virtual programming is set to expand as companies and producers seek out commissions from dance artists who have gone digital.

-The field of dance and technology has never had more attention, and artists are delving further into research and receiving more funding than ever on how to blend dance and movement with exciting and innovative technologies such as virtual reality, coding, and animation.

-Finally, Dogtown will be announcing some exciting news about its 2021 season shortly...stay tuned! :)

Leave a comment with anything you are looking forward to this year in 2021, dance or otherwise!

I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful holiday season, and Happy New Year to those that celebrate! Looking forward to a year filled with dance and community.

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There has never been a more exciting time for artists to explore the intersection of dance and technology. geometry dash

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