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Announcing Richmond Dance Festival 2021!

Dogtown is ecstatic to be back to producing LIVE dance performance. Next up in the season is Richmond Dance Festival, a festival that brings together innovative emerging and established artists from both the local community and beyond to share in two weekends of dance. This year, Richmond Dance Festival will also include a selection of dance film works. COVID has expanded the practice of so many dance artists into video and film work, and Dogtown is excited to support the proliferation of this blossoming medium.

Dogtown Dance Theatre is proud to present the 8th annual Richmond Dance Festival, June 11-12 and 18-19, 2021. The festival includes live performances, as well as screenings of dance on film. This year, Richmond Dance Festival will showcase the work of 16 choreographers and 8 film artists. This years’ live performances include modern dance, American Tribal Style belly dance, contact improvisation, African dance and Filipino dance, representing Richmond Dance Festival’s commitment to bringing diverse audiences together to enjoy the art of movement.

Below is a comprehensive list of the participating artists, including which weekend their work will be showcased:

WEEKEND ONE - JUNE 11 & 12, 2021

Friday and Saturday Shows at 7PM


Eric Rivera

Joanna Chocklett - Dogwood Dance Project: FILM

Megan Rivero - RADAR Dance

Julianna Raimondo

Moniek van der Kallen: FILM

Malcolm Shute - Human Landscape

Ajna Tribal Belly Dance

Sven Niemeyer: FILM

Luisa Innisfree

Botis Seva & Ben Williams: FILM

Dhol Tuason - Sayaw! Diversity

WEEKEND TWO - JUNE 18 & 19, 2021

Friday and Saturday Shows at 7PM

Leah Glenn Dance Theatre

Danielle Ward - Trybe Dance Collective

Susannah Haight: FILM

Audrey Ipapo Baran - Baran Dance

Sarada Jammi - Sri Sai Dance Academy

Cameron Kostopoulos: FILM

Jenna Beardsley

Aina Lanas: FILM

Kevin LaMarr Jones - CLAVES UNIDOS

Sara Hook

Charli Brissey: FILM

Company | E

Dogtown cannot wait to see everyone in the theater. Tickets are now on sale; grab yours before they are gone!

Richmond Dance Festival will additionally be available via Dogtown STREAM, our virtual streaming platform hosted via Vimeo. Purchase season subscriptions to Dogtown STREAM here.

The blog will be spotlighting the participating artists in the weeks leading up to the festival. Check back for some interviews and in-depth information about each artist's work!

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Malcolm Shute
Malcolm Shute
May 30, 2021

Can't wait! Looks like a great lineup!

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