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Please note: NO rentals after August 30, 2022. Thank you! 

Dogtown Dance Theatre offers a fully-equipped black box theatre with ample room for backstage needs. Dogtown is accustomed to accommodating special considerations based on the renters' needs. The basic technical specs for the main theatre are listed below. Please feel free to download a full version of our technical specifications. 



  • 100 Seats (16 wheel chair accessible) + Floor Seating Cushions available

  • 205 maximum capacity 


Stage Dimensions

  • Stage width: 33’-6” from leg to leg; 54’-0” from wall to wall

  • Stage depth: 32’-0” from DS Marley edge to US wall; 58’-0” wall to wall

  • Grid height: 20’-0” approx

  • All points in Grid are fixed, no electrics or pipes fly.

  • Stage height: 0’-0” at house floor

  • Wing space: No wing space – all storage is backstage behind US Wall


Stage Floor

  • Sprung wood floor with 2-sided marley floor (black and white) available to put down. 

  • Sets may not be constructed on the stage (NO drilling/screwing into the floor is allowed).

  • Pointed, hard-edged or sharp instruments or similar props may not be used. 

  • Hard street shoes or high heels may not be used on stage.  The stage is designed for bare feet and can accommodate clean tennis shoes with black bottoms or other soft-soled exercise shoes. 

Reservations and Cancellations

Theatre reservations should be made at least three weeks prior to the event date. While Dogtown Dance Theatre may accept reservations with less than three weeks’ notice, some services may be unavailable for such reservations. Likewise, any adjustments made to a theatre rental contract fewer than three weeks prior to the event date will not be guaranteed.


All theatre rentals require a deposit of 50% of the total rental and service fees, due at the time of contract signing, with the remaining balance due on the day of the event. Your reservation is not guaranteed until Dogtown Dance Theatre has received your deposit.


If the event is cancelled by the renter fourteen days or more prior to the event date, the entire deposit will be refunded. If the event is cancelled by the renter eight to thirteen days prior to the event date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded. If the event is cancelled by the renter seven days or fewer prior to the event date, the entire deposit will be forfeited to Dogtown Dance Theatre.

If Dogtown needs to close for weather related instances, Dogtown will work with the renter to A) reschedule the event or B)provide a refund of any deposits made. 


Technical Setup and Strike
Dogtown Dance Theatre appreciates the need for additional hours outside of the contract rental to load in equipment, set lighting and sound, place sets, strike, and restore the theater to its original condition.  Renters are required to book tech time in advance, with the understanding that technical set up and strike time must be arranged around any activities previously scheduled in the theater.  Strike must be scheduled to conclude no later than 11 a.m. on the day following the close of the event, with all equipment, props, decorations, and other items removed from the building, and the theatre restored to the state in which it was received. In the event that strike is not completed by the deadline, renters will be billed for the additional time at the hourly rental rate. Any set pieces, stage props, equipment, or other items left in Dogtown Dance Theatre after strike will be discarded.



Renters are responsible for returning the theatre, backstage, and any additional areas used to the state in which they were received. Renters will be provided with a cleaning check list and Dogtown Dance Theatre staff will perform a walk-through with the renter or a representative following the event. Failure to clean the designated areas to the satisfaction of Dogtown Dance Theatre will result in an additional cleaning fee (minimum $50.00).



Renters may decorate the theatre for their event within the following guidelines:

  • Any items hung from the ceiling or grid require prior approval

  • No adhesives other than painter’s tape may be used on the walls or doors

  • No glitter


Food and Beverages
Catering arrangements are the sole responsibility of the renter. The renter or caterer must remove all catering items by the end of the event. Food and beverages other than water are not permitted in either of the two dance studios.


Renters choosing to serve alcoholic beverages at their event must have the appropriate ABC license, which may be obtained by the renter, the caterer, or Dogtown Dance Theatre (fee applies; see “additional services available”). Event attendees must be at least 21 years of age to possess or consume alcohol. Alcoholic beverages may not be served to individuals who appear to be, or are, intoxicated. Open containers of alcoholic beverages may not be carried outside the building. Renters may not sell alcoholic beverages to their guests or event attendees.


Please note: NO rentals after August 30, 2022. Thank you! 

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