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Please note: NO rentals after August 30, 2022. Thank you! 

Dogtown offers three attractive, light-filled studios ideal for company rehearsals, choreography sessions, model calls, photo shoots and dance classes of all kinds.*


Each Studio Includes:

  • Floating hardwood floors

  • Dance barres (portable and/or fixed)

  • Full-length, full-wall mirrors

  • Sound system

Updated Studio Rental Procedures due to COVID-19

  • Email to request a studio rental

  • Rental reservations will be completed through VAGARO: Dogtown's new online platform

  • Studio availability is staggered to help with traffic flow 

  • All studios have 30 minute breaks after an hour class/rehearsal for cleaning

  • Back-to-back classes not being accepted currently for cleaning if you have different students in classes

  • If you need a studio longer than an hour with no changes to dancers, staff will work with you to schedule 

  • 48 hour cancellation policy still in place

  • Rentals prices: Classes = $35 & Rehearsals = $25

Studio Images

Studio 1


Studio 2


Studio 3


Please note: NO rentals after August 30, 2022. Thank you! 

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