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How to come up with a good story


Choose the type of plot you want. There are non-linear plots, meaning that the events in them unfold or are described inconsistently. If you choose this type of plot, make sure that each fragment is chronologically consistent with the rest. You don't want to write as if your character is in one place now, and then a moment later is transported to another place in the past. In a non-linear story, it's better pay for paper not to delineate the timeline all the way to the denouement, so as not to introduce confusion.


Imagine the location of the action. The events you will be describing must happen somewhere, and the location is just as important as the characters in the story. If the events of your story are set in a real place, you will only have to think of minor details of the setting. In this case, you can write my capstone paper for me skip the next step. If your story takes place in a completely fictional space, read in order.


Create the setting from scratch. For this, you'll have to college homework help think through every detail. Don't leave out insignificant things like where the characters work or how they walk down the street, as these details may come in handy later on. You may not use all the details you come up with in the text, but as with anything, it's better to have a choice of options than to experience a lack of material. For example, in science fiction, it's worth paying attention to what laws of physics work in your world, how society works, and what life is like for the average individual.

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