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Quickly create and edit annotations, place them on the object, and add shape-based constraints that push the shapes to fit the dimension.Import models from Google Street View or Autodesk Map 3D and quickly place them on your design. Add your own text to the imported models so they’re ready to be used on the final design.View and annotate Revit models as you work on your designs in AutoCAD.Create your own annotations as high-fidelity placeholders for future annotations that will be linked to the same element.Open your CAD drawings in their native format and quickly view a 2D drawing in 3D.Quickly compare and organize your drawings with reference to a preconfigured set of alignment, orientation, and placement constraints.Create the necessary metadata to tag and reference drawings and images.Extend and use new CAD features in AutoCAD.Work with Revit and NXOpen your Revit model from AutoCAD and edit it in DWF format.Combine Revit and NX models and views, and place them on your AutoCAD drawings.Create and edit views from Revit models in your DWF, FBX, and 3D Warehouse files.Interact with these files and create a native DWF and FBX view from a Revit model.Extend native DWF and FBX features in AutoCAD.Build with NX and interoperate with other third-party engineering tools and software.Import and Export from Internet ExplorerImport and export.PDB files from Internet Explorer and the web.Import and export files from any browser.Launch a web browser to view your.PDB files in Internet Explorer.Autodesk 360:Access your AutoCAD, Revit, and Project files from any Web browser.AutoCAD on the web.Transform your AutoCAD drawings and models on the web using Autodesk 360 and Autodesk Design Review.View your AutoCAD drawings from your web browser and see comments and reviews in context.Apply actions to your design files from the browser and update your drawings.Autodesk 360 Viewer Mobile.Use AutoCAD 360 on mobile devices. 2be273e24d

AutoCAD X64 [Latest 2022]

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