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Dogtown Artist Profile: Salsa Connection Dance Company

We are back this week with another profile of a Dogtown artist as part of our #GivingTuesday #WeavingCommunity series! Read below to learn more about Salsa Connection, who currently teach classes at Dogtown on Tuesday and Thursday nights (which you can sign up to take through our Vagaro!) They will also be teaching a class as part of our #GivingTuesday mini intensive series, happening on December 1st!

(1) What brought you to Dogtown? How did you get involved in Dogtown's community?

We were looking for a permanent space to hold our classes and our Director at the time knew Jess. We started teaching at Dogtown in 2015. 

(2) How has Dogtown shaped you as an artist?  

Dogtown has given us a place to have our classes, rehearse, and grow. We spend a lot of time here each week so it really has become like a second home for us. 

(3) What is your favorite memory at Dogtown?

We always love participating in Mardi Gras at Dogtown and we have a lot of fun getting to perform for the local community.

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