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Class Spotlights

While COVID-19 has required many adjustments, Dogtown has successfully been able to continue providing both live and virtual classes to the Richmond community. If you are in need of some movement, community, and fun, here is a rundown of what we are offering in the new year (including some special, limited time workshops)!


Join a group of rotating teaching artists from RVA Dance Collective in a morning class, held Sundays at 11AM! Styles include modern and contemporary dance, and all levels are welcome. Class is free of charge.

Join Ajna Tribal dancers Missy Moore and Stephanie Fogner in a unique type of folkloric belly dance in which you learn the “vocabulary” (moves) of the dance and the non-verbal “cues” alerting you to which moves are coming next, then just “follow the leader” as the entire dance group appears to move together in synchronicity. Held at 5:30PM on Sundays, these classes are free of charge.

Join Claves Unidos for an African roots community dance class fusing Caribbean and African rhythms. Held every Saturday at 9AM free of charge!


Janine Turner of Ajna Tribal is hosting a 6-week donation-based master class series exploring anatomical structures of your body and it’s relation to ATS® floor work. The correct technical execution of the following moves will be covered: Getting up and down for the floor, Pop Ups, Mermaid Turns, Berber Walk, and Zippers. Classes are held at 4:30PM on Sundays through February 7th.


Seven24Dance hosts a super fun, high energy hip-hop class every Tuesday at 7PM. Classes are $10, and all skill levels are welcome! Come get your daily dose of cardio, and actually have fun while doing it!


Salsa Connection hosts a myriad of workshops and classes. Their current weekly classes are:

Weekly Bachata Footwork (all levels) (Tuesdays, 8:30PM, $10)

Salsa Level 2 Footwork (NOT BEGINNER) (Thursdays, 7PM, $10)

Salsa Connection is also hosting some limited-time classes and workshops this winter. Their current workshop offerings are:

Salsa Level 1 Footwork and Partnering Concepts (Tuesday, next 4 week session starts February 2, 2021, $55)

Cha Cha Cha Footwork (all levels) (February 4th, 8:30PM, $10)

Intermediate Bachata Footwork (February 11th, 8:30PM, $10)

Movement and Conditioning (all levels) (January 21 February 18, 8:30PM, $10/class)

Weekly Salsa Footwork Challenge (NOT BEGINNER) (January 28 & February 25, 8:30PM, $10/class)


Dogtown is also home to Pole Pressure! Classes are hosted weekly in varying levels and styles. Pole Pressures schedule can be found at

Dogtown is lucky to host such a wide variety of classes and styles. Sign up for classes at

Dogtown also provides opportunities for teaching artists to host their own classes! If you are interested in hosting a class or workshop series, just visit our website for more information.

Happy dancing!

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Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
Nov 17, 2023

The COVID-19 epidemic has seriously affected all aspects from economics to politics and education. Dogtown is no exception. However, Dogtown has improved and expanded its classes in two ways: online and in-person. I highly recommend this innovation. free games

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