Dogtown Presenter’s Series (DPS) is a two-week spotlight performance series that highlights the independent artists and organizations in Richmond, VA. Dogtown is home to many diverse dance and movement organizations that vary in style, from Latin and salsa dancing to Afro-Caribbean dance, Flamenco, modern dance, and hoop dance, to name a few. Each fall, one artist is accepted through a submission based application process to present choreographic work in a series of professionally produced performances and community workshops in the Dogtown Presenter’s Series. The Series increases community awareness of the artists that call Richmond home.


DPS is an innovative way of producing dance artists in the Richmond community. No other dance organization is providing the necessary resources needed for local artists to produce professional level concerts completely free of cost. Such resources include the rehearsal space, the technical production, marketing, public relations, and a guaranteed sizeable financial stipend. The Series’ mission is to expose Richmond audiences to choreographers who reflect the cultural diversity alive in dance today, to promote artists from a variety of dance styles and genres, and to support them in creating new works of expression.


One of the cornerstones to the Presenter’s Series is collaboration. Dogtown encourages dance artists work outside of their comfort zone and collaborate amongst one another and alongside artists that work within other genres. Dogtown is rooted in the belief that as independent dance artists, the blend of our artistic voices, audiences, and resources, will transform Richmond dance into a force to be reckoned with and a destination for dancers for years to come. 



Dogtown Dance Theatre gratefully acknowledges support for the Presenter’s Series from the National Endowment for the Arts, Virginia Commission for the Arts, and Julia and Tunnicliff Fox Charitable Trust.

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